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THE ELAD network

Elad is a simple to use property and real estate investment Platform, using the very latest in A.I technology to rapidly increase profits and provide exceptional customer experiences.


ELAD's Mission is to build a leading online real estate platform, that makes accessing the property ladder easy with the transactions of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency, blockchain and A.I are revolutionising the financial world, creating transparency, security and a new form of trust based transactions and communication between peers.

ELAD’s CTO is a pioneer in the field of Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, specifically in human machine interaction through software and hardware robotics. The solution he brings to ELAD will provide our platform with advanced and sophisticated online assistant capability's, providing exceptional automated customer experience and process based security.

ELAD’s online assistant will provide an intelligent estate agent that will assist your search, answer questions and inform you on the current balance and position of your investments.

ELAD will harness A.I to provide a 24hr global service, giving instant response to all questions asked by potential customers, this will bring together P2P exchange and investment in one place, opening doors, cutting costs and lowering barriers for all. 

A variety of real estate transactions can be traded through the ELAD online platform, from traditional buying and selling to crowdfunding multi million dollar investments.




Safe & secure

Store asset ownership and transactions on the blockchain. The ELAD network ecosystem creates fast secure transactions.



An easy-to-use personal wallet will keep your ELAD safe. You can also send and receive payments in bitcoin and other Alt coins.



Increase profits from the sale or rent of your assets. Use real estate with effortless secure transactions.


Instant Exchange

Instant Exchange allows you to buy ELAD and pay for your real estate, or liquidate your investments at any time.


For more information read our ELAD papers below:

The ELAD token

ELAD tokens are ERC20 Standard compliant.

How will ELAD EARN me money?

1. You can use your ELAD to buy property from as little as $50. Owning property gives you a share of the rent paid in every month. You can sell your share at anytime, receiving the current market price of the property!

2. Earn money from the network! Your ELAD can be held in a master node (POS), which powers the network and receives payments for all transactions.

3. Own property already? You can sell or rent your current property through the ELAD Network for low rates,  paid in ELAD.

ELAD is inherently backed by tangible assets.

We believe the relationship between market appreciation and compound interest, will allow ELAD tokens to gain intrinsic value and give support to a new asset class by decentralising the real estate marketplace.




Start buying direct in our Presale and Main Sale events with Bitcoin/ETH/Litecoin.


How to buy ELAD?

During the crowd sale ELAD will be available to buy using ERC20 compatible wallets.

1. Do it yourself - Send ETH to the ELAD address and receive ELAD instantly to your private wallet (minimum $10).

2. Buy through another trusted site - You can buy ELAD with assistance through the websites we recommend with BTC (Bitcoin) ETH (Ethereum) LTC (Litecoin) (we recommend minimum $20).

3. Cash is king - If you want to pay with cash please fill in the request form for permission (minimum $50).

Please follow the step by step walk through for more assistance or contact us by email at info@elad.network


After our Presale and Main Sale events, you will be able to purchase ELAD through cryptocurrency exchanges for Fiat and many other tradable Alt-coins, Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list to get more details.

How our platform works

Buy property from as little as $50, simple apply your ELAD to a property you like and receive cash payouts monthly, direct to your private wallet.

The platform will offer a wide range of opportunities, including investments in fractional ownership, crowd funding, p2p sales, real estate advertising, and token-controlled rents for multi lets.


ELAD will pave the way for the real estate industry to adopt cryptocurrencies, as well as enable individuals to self-generate wealth in this previously hard to access markets.

After the crowd sale ELAD will begin listing properties and operating an online estate agent, facilitating standard money and crypto transactions.

Crypto currency has created a new wave of millionaires, ELAD is creating a home for their fortunes and increasing the amount of buyers for real estate.

ELAD let's you manage and control your property assets with ease.

Sale events

100 million ELAD tokens will be minted on a fixed supply. The reserve and any left over tokens may be stored or "burnt" after the token sale which may also alter the available supply.


A Smart Contract will distribute tokens instantly after a successful transaction of the accepted currency.
ELAD token is instantly sent to the wallet address which has deposited ETH to the ELAD contract,
So please send from a private wallet not an exchange (like coin base).

If the soft cap is not hit all ETH deposited will be returned to sender minus the gas it takes to send.
Discount is available for early adopters at a limited supply, please check for the latest updates for prices to confirm exchange rates.


15% of all ELAD tokens will be available during the Presale with a 100% bonus (buy one get one free). Register to receive Presale dates and ensure early access.

Start date:


Accepted currencies:


Maximum Presale supply: 

15,000,000 ELAD

Presale token value*:

1 ETH = 5,000 ELAD

Maximum transaction amount:

250 ETH

Main sale

The final number of ELAD tokens available will depend on the number of tokens distributed during the Presale.

Start date:


Maximum crowd sale token supply:

60,000,000 ELAD

Main sale token value:

1 ETH = 2,500 ELAD

Maximum transaction amount:

500 ETH

Main Sale Token BONUS Value

1st 15m ELAD tokens:

1 ETH = 3,750 ELAD (50% bonus)

2nd 15m ELAD tokens:

1 ETH = 3,000 ELAD (20% bonus)

3rd 15m ELAD tokens:

1 ETH = 2,750 ELAD ( 10% bouns)

Remaining ELAD tokens:

1ETH = 2,500 ELAD

Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, LTC

The Team


Dale Perkins-McCook

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dale is the Founder and CEO of ELAD Tech LTD as well as his property company, Make Better Moves LTD.

He bought his first London property at the age of 23 and has been involved in local London real estate ever since.

Dale has also nurtured a strong interest in technology, dating back to the 80’s. It is this interest combined with his passion for real estate that presented the opportunity to marry both, in the form of stable and secure cryptocurrency.


Brennon Williams

Chief Technology Officer

For more than two decades, Brennon has worked around the globe as a contract software engineer, Chief Technology Officer and consultant technical advisor to companies such as Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia and eBay as well as several smaller design and user experience (UX) focussed agencies both in London and New York.

With primary focusses on Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Robotics hardware, Brennon has been building the future with the world’s most advanced conversational AI.

Brennon gained a BSc Computer Science from New York University (NYU), as well as several internationally recognised qualifications. He is a twice published author of technical books and receive the Most Valuable Professional of the Year (Global) award from Microsoft in 2013.


Adrian Morson

Head of Online security

Adrian has over 20 years of broad based IT experience working in London and Geneva for Government, Banking, Education and the Private sector.

He has worked alongside the CESG and the MOD on large scale projects including the London Olympics in 2012. Adrian has also worked with the Bank of England, NHS, the Metropolitan Police Association, the Crown Prosecution Service and weapons contractor Qinetiq.


Callum Christie

Lead Developer

With 15 years’ experience building tools, desktop/web apps and interactive content, Callum is a “Full-Stack” developer.

He has a strong passion for UX and accessibility which was honed while working at several well-known digital agencies in London and Amsterdam, including Fresh Media, Addiction, JPMH and LightMaker.

In recent years, Callum has spread his wings while working inside the News Corp family, including The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.

Callum was awarded a BSc in Computer Science.


Damron Macleod

Tech support/Developer

Damron began his career in multimedia, audio and video production, servicing the digital advertising sector, before a moving into corporate IT support which he has made his career for the past 15 years.

Damron has recently been working in the Aerospace sector in conjunction with University College London as a Support Specialist managing Windows, Mac OS, and Linux based devices and hardware.


Harsh Parekh

Financial Research, digital asset management

Over the last 8 years Harsh has worked as derivatives trader and a market strategist, currently at Orbit Investments in London (a proprietary trading house), with his main focus being on commodities and equities covering North America and Europe. Having done his MSc in Investment Banking, he has developed analytical skills in identifying market opportunities spreading across a wide variety of asset classes.

He also co-own Ultra Prolife Nutrition; a whey protein and supplements brand. With crypto currencies having the potential to positively disrupt the future of investment, he is excited to be apart of ELAD to help change and shape the future of real estate market.


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