What is ELAD Network?

Invest in Real Estate using Blockchain DLT, Digital Currency and Smart Contracts. Our platform allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of smooth, efficient property transactions using cutting edge technology.



Crowdfunding enables greater access to a wide range and value of properties for purchase sale and investment. ELAD Network will bring P2P exchange and investment together in one place, opening doors, cutting costs and lowering barriers for all.


Cross Borders

Digital currency bypasses the current constraints imposed by traditional FIAT currency creating a global property investment network that allows transactions in and from any country without the friction of foreign exchange.


Decentralised Systems

A technical failure can paralyze all affiliate networks on a centralized platform, until the cause is detected and rectified the system is unusable and losing money. Blockchain is decentralized meaning there is no single point of failure.

How Does It Work?

Watch our demonstration video to learn how to invest in property with ELAD Network.

Combining Blockchain, Real Estate & Artificial Intelligence for a smarter way to invest!

Benefits of ELAD Network

Fast Transactions

Instant global transactions through digital currency. Buy, sell, earn direct through our online portal no matter where you are in the world.

Secure Transactions

DLT technology is immutable and harnesses military grade cryptography connected to payments and ownership for ultimate security.

Hassle Free Investments

Reap the benefits of our property portfolio without the hassle of having to manage the property.

Increased Control

Voting, P2P sales and real time updates on your blocks of property provide a new level of control on crowdfunded investments.

Whole Unit Sales

Buy, Sell or auction a home using traditional or digital currency through our online portal.

Be Paid In Digital Currency

Get involved in the digital currency revolution, with traditional investments in real estate. Payouts available in Bitcoin, ethereum and fiat currency.

CrowdFunding 2.0

Join other investors or create your own groups to leverage the power of crowdfunding. this new form of crowdfunding removes constants and creates a trust-less environment.

Beneficial Ownership

Beneficial ownership or equitable interest in property reflects who is entitled to the benefits. Get regular payouts from rent while also being entitled to any equity growth of the property.


Reap the benefits of new builds and conversions by gaining access to vetted property developer deals



Get access to property investors to increase liquidity or offer properties before they hit the open market.

Why invest in tokenisation?

We Combine the Liquidity of one of the Oldest Markets with the Velocity of the Newest.

Shelter is a distinct human necessity and property is considered to be a stable investment, this makes it a perfect option to create a passive income. Digital currency has always been an exciting space for high yielding growth, but it is associated with huge market swings. By combining these markets, property tokenisation has created a way to reap the benefits of passive income from Real Estate while giving the option to leverage payouts into digital currency. This will create passive income that reaps the growth of the digital currency space.

ELAD Network gives everyone access to Decentralised Finance.

No matter if you are a small investor or a professional/ High Net-worth Individual, this new way of investing in property creates a level playing field with benefits for all. By creating a network and giving easy access to enter and exit and investment, this has the potential to disrupt the real estate market and create new form of liquidity in asset investments.


We have already whitelisted pre-approved investors who will have the opportunity to gain early bird access to our property portfolio before they go public. There is a limited amount of early bird slots allocated for each offer.

Retail investor



  • Earn Rental Income
  • Equity Entitlement
  • Voting Rights
  • Access to P2P Exchange
  • Digital and FIAT payouts
  • FIAT or Digital Purchases

Professional/ HNW



  • Earn Rental Income
  • Entitled to Equity
  • Voting Rights
  • Sell with P2P Exchange
  • Digital and FIAT Payouts
  • No investment Cap
  • Create Investment Groups
  • Access to Tokenisation Service to Purchase any Property on the Market
  • Can use Service to Tokenise Property already owned
  • Invest using Digital Currency and FIAT
estate agency

Buying and Selling Property

ELAD Network allows everybody to buy property on the open market using digital Currency and Smart Contracts. We also provide the functionality to sell property on our platform and accept FIAT or Digital Currency for the sale of your property. We manage properties and tenants for our clients and perform most activities related to estate agents, for more information please email info@elad.network.


Learn how to invest in blocks of property using our demo. It is quick, easy and accessible for anyone to invest in Real Estate using ELAD Network & Blockchain Technology.