Fractional Ownership

Build a diverse portfolio with ease, earn crypto or fiat currency from your portfolio profit, while safely storing your original investment in property.

Fractional ownership creates opportunity to invest in previously inaccessible markets

Fractional ownership creates opportunity to invest in previously inaccessible markets


ELAD Token

The ELAD token is ERC20 standard, it is the currency used to participate in Real Estate transactions on the ELAD Network investment platform. ELAD tokens can be obtained during our crowd sale or be exchanged on a cryptocurrency exchange once the sale is over.

ELAD Network crowd sale is for the early investors that want a cryptocurrency that can grow with it’s use case or have access to the first Real Estate offerings on the online platform. ELAD tokens use case is property transactions, any applied ELAD tokens through the online platform gives you the rights to earn equity and returns on real estate.

The purpose of the Initial Token Sale is to build a online platform and acquire real estate selected by ELAD property specialists, all real estate will be offered to investors through the online platform, this will increase the value of ELAD crypto as it builds a network of property.



Artifical intelligence


The leader of our development team has decades of experience in robot and artificial intelligence development. The ELAD platform will be assisted by a digital agent to assist in crypto and real estate transactions, giving relevant information regarding cost, history and ways to transact.

The digital agent will provide a 24hr communication line, delivering exceptional customer service you can rely on.  We strive to ensure transparency and integrity, therefore addressing the issues of poor communication or hidden agendas that some may have experienced with agents or brokers.

In addition to providing excellent customer service, the digital agent cuts costs that in turn create savings for our buyers.